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Photographs from Château Tournefeuille, Domaine Corsin, Corzano e Paterno, Domaine Dominique et Janine Crochet and Giovanni Almondo

Stories from the Wine Trail: A New Idea

For nearly a decade, WineAccess was looking like another failed online startup. We'd spent $10MM on a website, launching in April 2000, just as the market crashed and the bubble burst. Smart entrepreneurs would have given up. But we weren't that smart.

We were still hanging on years later, when we hatched a new idea. With twenty-five years experience as artisanal wine importers and distributors, we called a winemaker in Napa Valley and asked him if we could try selling one of his wines.

In 2006, we wrote a story about three vintages of Michael Havens' "Bourriquot", which we emailed to our membership of 50,000. Thirty-five members bought, which, at the time, seemed like a windfall. So we wrote another, and another...and another.

Who Writes These Stories?
(and why you don't want to sit next to them on a Transatlantic flight)

We write every one. 365 days per year. One more in leap years. Stories are written from the road. From Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Napa and Central Otago. Where ever our hunt for the world's most inspired wines takes us.

Who are we? We're not telling. But if you're in wine country or flying to Paris and you strike up a conversation with some middle-aged guys who can't shut up...they might be us.

How are wines chosen?

Wines are evaluated at least twice. First in the cellars where they were made. Then, again, before offers are written and published. Even the most practiced tasters can have a bad day (or a cold). After twenty-five years of critical tastings, it's unlikely that we'll have two.

Cellar Tastings. Conducted with cellarmasters, onsite tastings provide insights into winemaking protocol and the vagaries of growing seasons — both of which help us explain each wine's profile and structure.

Vineyard treks. Fine wine is grown — not made. Vineyard tours with growers help us understand soil makeup, exposition, and vineyard treatments (biodynamic, organic, sustainable), all of which have a profound effect on the finished wine.

Pricing: Ahh, yes. Pricing. The wine industry has long been full of middlemen. Importers, brokers, wholesalers, retailers, each extracting a pound of flesh. As the largest fine wine marketplace on the web, WineAccess has little tolerance when it comes to excess fat.

How do I find out about your offers?

Simple enough. Sign up now and we'll email them to you every day.

Otherwise, check the home page each morning at 10:05AM.

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